What to Expect


Health History & Records

Your provider will collect your family and personal health history. It is important to provide information that may not be in your records to ensure your health history is correct and complete. Your provider will create a personal health record that can be beneficial if you must go to the hospital and/or see other providers. 


Medication & Immunization

Your provider will review your current list of medications, including those prescribed by other physicians, to ensure there is no risk of negative interactions or side effects. This is a good time for you to ask questions about your medications. Your provider will also review your immunizations and determine if you should have additional vaccinations.


Health Risk Assessment

At the visit your healthcare team will measure your weight, height, and blood pressure. Then your provider will ask questions about your ability to care for yourself, your memory and your social and mental well-being. The purpose is to determine if you may be at risk for future illnesses. He/she may recommend screenings that would be scheduled at a future visit. Please keep in mind if you want treatment outside of what is defined as a “Medicare Wellness Visit”, you may encounter further charges.


Wellness Schedule

Medicare requires health care providers provide a Wellness Schedule to patients during the Annual Wellness Visit. This a list of all health screenings you should have during the next five to ten years. Screenings may include prostate exams, mammograms or bone density screenings and heart-related screenings.

What to Bring to Your Annual Wellness Visit

A list of all of your medications, including vitamins and supplements.

A list of your healthcare providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, behavioral health providers, home health agencies, physical therapists, chiropractors or any other non-traditional providers.

A list of all of your immunization records, including flu or pneumonia shots.