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Kansas City Cardiology is dedicated to the cardiovascular health of Kansas City and the surrounding area. You may not be aware of the wide variety of outstanding work that is accomplished every year.
Our physicians have participated in some of the most important studies of our era. Not only have they participated in these landmark studies, many times we have been the highest enroller in the region and among the leaders in the country. Clinical research furthers our understanding of coronary plaque progression, coronary stent and carotid stent safety. It assists in the research of heart rhythm abnormalities, and devices designed to treat these abnormalities. We have participated in trials for patients who have experienced heart attacks, atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, or patients needing angiography, intracoronary ultrasound, and implantable defibrillators. Some of the trials brought new drugs and new devices to the market, such as cholesterol lowering medications, diabetes, plaque reduction, and pacemakers.

As a seasoned, experienced site, the practice has established a reputation for providing excellent, effective, reliable data and is sought out by major device and pharmaceutical partners. The experience is broad, i.e., new drug indications, new device leads, new device technologies, safety registries, real-world practice registries, etc. The patients, practice, and the sponsors benefit from this great symbiotic relationship.

Currently, the practice has 12 open trials in various phases of enrollment, follow-up and close-out, with 162 patients currently enrolled. Information can be provided upon request for each trial status. All clinical trials are registered on Clinicaltrials.gov.

Annual Programs

The practice is also dedicated to education to improve the health of the community by providing two major annual programs:

Your Healthy Heart

This program is a unique educational experience designed for 4th and 5th grade children. This annual weeklong program involves daily visits to the classroom and culminates in an exciting field trip to the hospital where children see non-diagnostic pictures of their own hearts. They visit patients and view a wonderful chef demonstration. There are a total of 9 stations to enhance education and to show children how heart disease is detected and treated.

Annual Cardiology Update

An annual Cardiology Update symposium is designed for physicians, nurses, advance practice providers and other health professional in acute and ambulatory care settings. Eight national and local experts will give updates in new treatment guidelines, procedures and evidence-based practices in cardiovascular medicine.

This excellence in research and education is a valuable Kansas City resource. KC Cardiology will continue to provide outstanding clinical research and education for our community to decrease the incredible burden that heart disease places on all of us.


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